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Consciousness Sutras. Principles of Becoming Conscious: An Experiential Map of Inner Evolution, by Ovidiu Brazdau

Consciousness Sutras. Principles of Becoming Conscious: An Experiential Map of Inner Evolution, by Ovidiu Brazdau

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The consciousness sutras are a compilation of principles, describing conscious experience and inner evolution. They are intended as experiential guidelines for psychologists, transformational counselors, life coaches, and anyone on a transformational journey.

The sutras and the commentaries have been created using my previous research-'Psychology of Becoming Conscious' and 'Entheogenic Insights', available in the 'Becoming Conscious' collection. This text also includes previously unpublished research results, especially the conceptual meta-research on conceptual convergence of conscious experiences and inner evolution, undertaken for the development of the Consciousness Quotient concept and the CQ-i assessment tool.

These principles clarify and describe the structure and the layers of conscious experience, and their dynamics during inner evolution, while providing various first-person methodologies for their exploration. The text includes multidimensional perspectives and highly experiential descriptions from a first-person perspective; due to this complexity, some phrases may require more than one reading.

You could take short pauses while reading, to reflect on how collective mechanisms generate your personal conscious experience. If some ideas don't make sense at first, please continue reading, and allow your mind to slowly form the puzzle, until a coherent big picture emerges. Some pieces of the puzzle will reveal themselves later, after you understand why all the pieces are related to one another, and how they work together to create the conscious experience.
Please consider this compilation of ideas to be my subjective perspective on how inner evolution could unfold. Good journeys!

Ovidiu Brazdau is a psychologist and researcher. His research focuses on the psychology of inner evolution and the Consciousness Quotient Inventory (CQ-i), which introduces conscious experience as a research variable in psychological assessment. The Consciousness Quotient Inventory is available online..