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Transpersonal Dynamics: The Relational Field, Depth Work and the Unconscious, by Stacey Millichamp

Transpersonal Dynamics: The Relational Field, Depth Work and the Unconscious, by Stacey Millichamp

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Cutting-edge approaches to therapeutic interpersonal dynamics

Transpersonal Dynamics offers approaches to the therapeutic encounter from the leading edge of quantum physics field theory and integrative psychology. 

This book will show you how to get to ‘the heart of the matter’ within complex processes:

  • How to ‘map’ and work on the edge between conscious and unconscious processes.
  • How to identify and relate to different contact styles.
  • How to unfold dynamics effectively with individuals, couples and groups.
  • How to work with challenge and conflict as a pathway to intimate contact.
  • How to apply archetypal and mythological approaches to depth work psychology.

Transpersonal Dynamics is the culmination of over 20 years of feedback about ‘what works’, gathered through delivering integrative and transpersonal training to counsellors, coaches, psychologists and psychotherapists who work with organisations, adults, couples, families, young people and children. 

Using down-to-earth language in a practical way, this book addresses some of the gritty aspects of the therapeutic relationship, with the aim to inspire and support practitioners to take more risks to bring a collaborative, relational quality to their work.

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180 pages paperback, ISBN 978-1-912698-00-4


"This is a bold book with an original voice, whilst still being enjoyably readable with its use of creatively-thought metaphors and ideas.

I found this book inspiring and unapologetically refreshing, full of nuggets of wisdom that can only come from the experience of someone like Stacey.

It makes me want to sink my teeth into the work with my clients, take more risks, expand and develop my therapeutic language.

This is the first book I came across that shows how Psychosynthesis and Transpersonal approaches can interact with and contribute to mainstream therapy, greatly enhancing the therapeutic process.

It's about time these powerful and rich approaches take their rightful place in the therapy world."

—Hagar Lee, Counsellor PGDip, MBACP (Registered)


"I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Transpersonal Dynamics and although it is aimed at therapists I think anyone could find it really useful and informative.

I have found the book really revealing, insightful, igniting and enlightening.

I feel it makes room for an inspiring new vision to emerge.

Stacey’s material has had a transformative impact on me personally and it has positively affected the way I work as a therapist. It amplified my already existing knowledge, connecting me with a deeper and wider understanding of the relationship with the client. I now feel as if I am listening to my clients and supervisees in ‘stereo surround sound’ rather than in ‘mono’ therefore ‘hearing’ a multi dimension of insights and hypothesis to explore; almost like watching a dot transforming into a prism!

Whilst reading the book I felt as if someone was whispering in my ears an awakening hidden truth, as if someone was slowly lifting a veil to reveal a much deeper, more meaningful yet simpler order and understanding."

—Francesco Piro, Counsellor/Psychotherapist BACP Accredited 


"Transpersonal Dynamics is an immensely readable book which explores the relationship between therapist and client including the quantum field, the Self, and the dynamics in the room. I am always impressed by simple explanations and Stacey covers the enormity of relationship in language that I can understand without the jargon that often characterises books about therapy. Her explanations of the relationship between waves and particles and the field in which we live and move and have our being made me begin to be able to bridge the gap between what I would consider psychotherapeutic and what I would consider scientific. Her way of addressing transference and countertransference in the language of the constellation of an interactive field which may be mediated by archetypes is filled with potential that enlarges the possibilities of emerging energies from the creative meeting of client and therapist in the room.

Stacey further presents a map of what constitutes a client’s sense of ‘me and not me’ and identifies some of the unconscious figures and systems which guard whatever is ‘not me’ thus preventing it from showing itself – ‘not me’ includes the banished parts of themselves. Her explanation helped me to see some of the current dilemmas that clients have because it is so important to them to demonstrate some characteristics of which they approve and prevent the others from leaking out. For instance, I am loving and kind, but I am not ‘allowed’ to be angry and resentful.

She goes on to talk about our inner reality as ‘The Walled Garden of the Psyche’ and explores levels and layers of it. She provides useful and practical ways of working with subpersonalities also in association with archetypes, core beliefs and ruthless edge figures, the transpersonal and existential, contact styles and developing leadership within the psyche just to name a few of the areas included. Stacey is rooted in Psychosynthesis and with this book, she has expanded Psychosynthesis to include more and provided useful and practical ways of working with these concepts all described in down to earth straightforward language.

This book is a classic that is useful as an ongoing reference and one that can be read and re-read time and again with pleasure. I look forward to gaining more from it in second and subsequent readings."

—Jane O'Brien, author of Dancing in the Heart of Life