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Transformation in Troubled Times: Re-Vision's Soulful Approach to Therapeutic Work

Transformation in Troubled Times: Re-Vision's Soulful Approach to Therapeutic Work

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To celebrate its 30 years of pioneering work in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy training, the Re-Vision Centre for Transpersonal & Integrative Therapy has brought together a selection of writing by practitioners and teachers who have worked at the heart of the organization.

The chapters address a social and cultural crisis which, at this point in the history of our planet, needs new ways of looking at therapy and how it relates to the world beyond the consulting room. Just as ‘the personal is the political’ was a way of seeing individual issues within the context of a wider political field, so we now need to see that soul has a different kind of agency from that of ego - one that is both internal and external, individual and cultural. The world may have lost connection with soul in its obsession with merchandise and control, but soul has not lost connection with us. These chapters offer an integrative perspective that both gives a place to the troubles of the modern world and also develops a well-tuned craft to firstly attend to our painful wounds and ultimately transform their bitterness into the salt of wisdom.

This book is a compelling work for psychotherapists, counsellors, trainees, and anyone interested in how psychotherapy influences and is influenced by the state of the planet, by imagination and by the reality of how politics impact on our daily lives.

208 pages paperback, ISBN 978-1-912698-02-8


‘The Re-Vision therapy program in London is a brilliant light in a darkening world, showing us new and profound ways to deal with our problems, individual and social. This book is a roadmap for that process that I hope will be taken up by many professions.’
—Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul


Transformation in Troubled Times speaks in a clear voice, summoning therapists, educators, environmentalists, psychologists and all concerned citizens to be responsive to our current crises.’
—Robert D. Romanyshyn, author of The Wounded Researcher


‘Beyond the lands of psychotherapeutic diagnostics and techniques is a field that Re-Vision, through the innovative work that Chris and Ewa Robertson began, has inhabited for many years – it is the place where our wounded humanity and soulful longing is welcomed and heard. Its wisdom is both fresh
and ancient.’
—Dr Jan Jian Mojsa, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist & Supervisor


'This remarkable book is likely to become a classic for readers interested in the future of therapy, and for clinicians everywhere. It is eye-opening, refreshing, and also very readable.

In a world in which therapy has become a commodity – where decisions about who gets what sort of treatment are made by bureaucrats and insurance executives - the Re-Vision Centre has quietly been making important progress. For the past 30 years this organization has been gently insisting on the soul work of therapy, rather than on the more usual method of getting people back to ‘normal’ so they can continue to muddle through their days. This book is a collection of chapters by different Re-Vision clinicians, plentifully illuminated with actual case examples, and it allows practitioners and interested laypeople to understand a fresh method of dealing with psychic pain.

One of the central ideas in this exquisite book is that the therapist is not ‘right’ or ‘better’ than the client, but is instead a wounded healer – one who chooses this work because he or she has been through similar, perhaps deeply distressing, experiences. This is immensely refreshing – because many therapists do in fact enter the profession for exactly this reason, yet traditionally the profession expects them to work as remote, largely silent, distant assessors of the client’s situation. Instead The Re-Vision Centre maintains that there is a third presence in what has so often been seen as a dialogue, and this third presence is the shared awareness that connects the two people in the consulting room. That is where the soul work begins.

 —Allan G. Hunter, PhD, author of The Path of Synchronicity


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